CalmDo V69 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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  • 3 PRESET MODES: This food Vacuum Sealer machine comes with 3 vacuuming and sealing modes--VAC SEAL/SOFT MODE/SEAL ONLY, which also supports external vacuum. It allows you to choose different modes according to different foods. Completely meet all your daily needs for food preservation
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Developed with convenient operation, it only takes 4 simple steps and can be easily completed in less than one minute--Insert the bag, close the lid and press the mode button. All you need to do is waiting for the vacuum machine to complete the rest of the work by itself. Once the work is completed, the freshness of the food will be extended seven times
  • ADSORBED ON THE FRIGE: The bottom of the vacuum sealer is designed with magnets so that it can be attached to a refrigerator. This innovative design not only saves a lot of space for you, but also makes it easy to store. Portable and compact body , 14.68*3.03*2.2 Inches size with a weight of only 1.6 lb, allows you to place it anywhere in the kitchen
  • ECONOMICAL AND POWERFUL: This machine enjoys good quality and economical price, which is very suitable for families. In addition, its vacuum Suction power can reach -55kpa (VAC SEAL), and -20kpa in SOFT MODE. The former is suitable for almost all foods such as meat, vegetables, nuts, etc., while the latter is more suitable for some fragile foods such as bread, thin potato chips, etc
  • 15 VACUUM BAGS AND WARRANTY: Built-in bag opener, a hose for external vacuum and 15 vacuum bags are included, allowing you to use it immediately after opening the package.
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