CalmDo 15kPa Vacuum Cleaner

  • 【Strong and Weak Switching, Max 15000Pa Strong Suction Power】Two modes are strong and weak for proper power cleaning, normal mode is only 70 Db working sound with 10,000 Pa suction power.Commonly used mode can suck hair, animal hair, small particles and so on.The powerful mode can be up to 15,000 Pa,can suck small particles and debris not reach the gaps, so clean the room well** When using the floor head on the stick, please be sure to hold the stick, otherwise your vacuum will be too heavy and injury!
  • 【Large Capacity 2200mAh Detachable Battery】Detachable battery can be separated from the main body without affecting the battery, you can remove the battery and charge it on the table, etc.The high capacity 2200mAh battery can be used for more than half an hour in normal mode, so you can clean the room without hurry.
  • 【MULTIPLE PURIFIER FILTER WITHOUT POLISHED AIR POLISHED 】This cordless vacuum cleaner uses trouble filtering to keep even the smallest dust collecting from the dust collector, so when you clean the ground, table or bed in a room, it is important to clean both the air and the ground.
  • 【Various heads for easy cleaning】 It comes with 4 different heads to clean different places, such as floors, beds, tables, sofas, etc. You can clean all directions with the ground head, bed head, crevice head, and round head.
  • 【Two modes switch to suck stubborn objects】Press the "+/-" button on the top of the vacuum to change from normal mode to strong mode, the suction force is stronger at once,the normal mode can be sucking into normal mode at onceed.When you change the mode, the indicator light can check the mode you are using.Normal Mode (Yellow) and Strong Mode (Orange)