Calmdo Vacuum Sealer bag with roll 11" x 197"

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  • Preserve Food Longer - Store fresh or frozen food 7 times longer to reduce waste, ABOX food saver bags have specially designed channels that remove oxygen, keeping your food's moisture and creating an airtight barrier that locks in flavor and prevents spoilage and freezer burn.
  • Easy to Cut and Seal - One side recess groove design, other side glossy transparent design. 4 mil Heavy-duty bags with embossed air-removal channels for maximum freshness
  • Stay Safe - These vacuum food bags are made of high-quality materials. They do not contain any harmful substances.
  • Create Healthy Portion - Prepare meals in advance for busy weeknights or ensure you don't overeat that snack mix! Pack up and freeze your leftovers instead of letting them spoil in your refrigerator.
  • Perfect for Sous Vide cooking- Sous vide allows you to precisely control your cooking temperature to achieve perfect results. You can cook sous vide in Angel Love vacuum seal bags by placing them in water at any temperature.