CostaKaiser Full Automactic Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Saver Storage

H001A3CA0AUSGA $69.99
  • LOCK&RELEASE AUTOMATICALLY: Feed your bag into the vacuum chamber, touch it, it will automatically takes care of the rest to ensure the food stays fresh&flavorful
  • CUSTOMIZED VACUUM MODE: Feel free to control the vacuum time to fit the food you want to seal, provides your food with the best preservation based on the type of food
  • VERY CONSISTENT SEALING: 80kPa powerful pump and best quality heating wire, guaranteed to reach an appropriate vacuum level and airtight seal with one touch
  • SEPARATED DESIGN: Take off the upper lid to clean the sealer machine easily and safely, ideal food saver for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, herbs, marinated food even sous vide cooking
  • COMPATIBILITY: Twist the knob to clean the vacuum chamber easily; A roll of bags and a small bag opener to get started